And The Heart Grows Fonder

The Craving. That is what they call it. The gut wrenching urgent need that latches onto a shifter when they meet their destined, true love. But what if you can’t be with the one you love? What happens when otherworldly forces beyond your control work to keep you and your beloved apart? Would you succumb to destiny, or chart your own fate?

The Surreal Blue Rogue Agent series continues….

The Bricklayer and Lincoln team up to embezzle hundreds of millions of dollars from Cyprus on behalf of Maxckcom International. But how will the many months away from Atlanta affect his relationship with his lover Rees?

And there are wedding bells in the air for Elyzabel and Kelly. Can he keep his double life as secret agent and assassin for The Organization a secret from her forever?

Audrianna and Viktor settle down to family life in Atlanta. But was Audrianna’s kidnapping only the beginning of their past coming back to haunt them?

Next in the Surreal Blue Rogue Agent Series…Love So Menacing

Mature Content. Mature Language. Diverse Novel. This novel has been proofread and edited twice. This is the third update to the book And The Heart Grows Fonder.

Book 1: Do Or Die
Book 2: And The Heart Grows Fonder
Book 3: Love So Menacing
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If you love Supernatural Mystery, Romance, Billionaire Lovers, and sexy Shifters and Vampires, you’ll love this novel by E.R. Baine.

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