Love So Menacing

The Surreal Blue Rogue Agent series continues….
Viktor is paid a visit by Lucifer, head of security for the Vampire community. But they rub each other the wrong way like oil and water. Can they work together to track down the prolific vampire hunter?
And Lincoln is given an ultimatum by Rees.
Real and Carlos are sent on a do or die mission to Mexico. The Mexican drug cartels have their guns trained on them. Will they survive?
Next in the Surreal Blue Rogue Agent Series…Love So Wicked

Mature Content. Mature Language. Diverse Novel.

This novel has been proof read and edited twice. This is the second update to the book Love So Menacing.

If you love Supernatural Mystery, Romance, Billionaire Lovers, and sexy Shifters and Vampires, you’ll love this novel by E.R. Baine.

Book 1: Do Or Die
Book 2: And The Heart Grows Fonder
Book 3: Love So Menacing
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I will like to thank my fans for their patronage. This arc is coming to a close soon. Hope you enjoy the surprises.